Foundation of the Research Center of
Materials Backcasting Technology

Director of RC-MBT,
Professor, Graduate School of Engineering,
Nagoya University

The material technology is an elemental technology that supports “monozukuri” of our country from the basis. Especially, Tokai region bears an advanced research in the materials technology field as one large monozukuri base in Japan. The research and development that achieves the material innovation is necessary to maintain and further develop the world-leading monozukuri base in the future too. The importance of gmaterials technologyh is now again recognized especially in industries of iron and steel, automobiles, aircraft, ceramics, fibers and so on.

In the graduate school of engineering at Nagoya University, the 21st Century COE “Nature-Guided Materials Processing” and the 1st Stage of Knowledge Cluster Initiative “Earth-friendly Monozukuri Using Nano-technology” have been promoted. Common idea in the activities is a backcasting method to decide direction of present technologies from future vision. By succeeding the fruits of materials research hitherto obtained in Nagoya University, we will develop new researches of materials technology on the basis of the backcasting idea and foster human resources to contribute to future society in 2050.

By collaborating with the 2nd Stage of Knowledge Cluster Initiative which started from 2008 and the Center of Knowledge at Aichi Prefecture, we will lead an initiative in the monozukuri based on materials and collaborating between industry and university in this region.