In our center, it is aimed to evolve materials technology under a backcasting idea of research and development toward the harmony of earth environment and human beings and to establish a collaboration center which can take the initiative in materials research, and furthermore to foster a gathering of young excellent minds with the backcasting idea.

The following programs are to be conducted in the educational activities.
(1) Fostering young researchers and students by conducting collaborated researches.
As the core of the educational activities, education of young human resources (students, researchers and engineers) will be performed.
(2) Establishing education support system for young talents of companies.
Fostering by studying in university, joining doctor course from companies or executing collaborated researches. Execution of lectures and courses on advanced technologies.
(3) Improvement and execution of educational programs for graduate students
Practice in collaborated researches, research incentive program (employment of doctor students), overseas training program, international lodging seminar program, lectures on materials technology, encouragement of internship, research encouragement award.
(4) Open cluster program for materials
The open cluster program for materials backcasting technology will be conducted by gaining research funds.