Research Center for
Materials Backcasting Technology

Graduate School of Engineering, Nagoya University

The MBT Center (the Research Center for Materials Backcasting Technology) started from October 2008 as a research and education center which is collaborating with industries and institutes in the outside of university, to aim at the evolution of materials technology and education of young talents under a backcasting idea of research and development toward the global environmental harmony.

By succeeding the fruits of materials research hitherto obtained in Nagoya University by the 21st Century COE “Nature-Guided Materials Processing” and the Knowledge Cluster Initiative (the 1st stage), the activities of our center are conducted in cooperation with 7 departments in fields of materials, chemistry and physics in the Graduate School of Engineering of Nagoya University.

(“Backcast” means to decide direction of present technologies from future vision.)


1. What Is the MBT Center

To evolve materials technology under a backcasting idea of research and development toward the harmony of earth environment and human beings and establish a collaboration center which can take the initiative in materials research, and to foster a gathering of young excellent minds with the backcasting idea.

By collaborating with industries in such leading area of gmonozukurih industries in Japan as Tokai region, and by succeeding and further developing the fruits of materials research hitherto obtained in Nagoya University, we will establish the only research and education center to do new researches on the basis of the backcasting idea and the education of young human resources. gThe Solar-Based Energy Societyh which make good use of natural resources should be gone forward for avoiding environmental destruction, global warming, climatic variation and the collapse of the earth and getting back the vitality overflows earth by breaking with the fossil fuel dependent society and changing the direction from the atomic energy. MBT Center places gThe Solar Energy-Based Societyh as the ideal society for human beings and develops the materials technology based on backcasting concept such as (1)High-performance materials contributing to energy conversion, storage, and transportation technology, (2)Environmentally friendly materials and manufacturing processes, (3)Functional and alternative materials to build gThe Solar Energy-Based Societyh .


The center is consist of 5 research gropes; collaboration with industries, materials KR (KR: knowledge resources), energy KR, process KR and Safety KR. For various materials like steels, metals, polymers, ceramics, biomaterials and so on, we execute the leading research and development, the education of young talents, the collaboration with industries, regional alliances and overseas, under knowledge resources for harmony of environment and human race.
As the research activities, we promote collaborative researches with industries on materials technology, get competitive research funds, propose project researches and furthermore contribute to development of regional industries through the Knowledge Cluster Initiative and the Center of Knowledge at Aichi Prefecture.

As the educational activities, we will do fostering young researchers and students through conducting joint researches with industries, supporting education of researchers and engineers collaborating in industries, lectures and courses on advanced technologies, to establish a base of education center for young talents who can contribute to “monodukuri” industries.
In order to establish a center leading world, we will continue the collaboration with universities and research institutes in the world, which were established in the activities of the 21st Century COE (Nature COE). Further, we will actively do playing a role of international hub center of materials backcasting technology, promoting international joint researches and symposiums, and sending such information as presenting and publishing of research results, MBT Center news by e-mail and homepage.


(1) Research Activities
1.  Promotion of collaborated researches by 5 research groups
2.  Establishment of collaborated laboratories and promotion of fostering young talents and core researches
3.  Promotion of collaborated projects and creation of technologies for practical use: Knowledge Cluster Initiative (the 2nd stage) and Center of Knowledge at Aichi Pref.

(2) Educational Activities
1.  Fostering young researchers and students by conducting collaborated researches
2.  Establishing education support system for young talents of companies
3.  Improvement and execution of MBT center educational programs for graduate students
4.  MBT lectures and courses for advanced technologies

(3) Activities for Promoting the Formation of Research Center
1. Establishing the base for sustainable development of the center
2. Promotion of symposiums and meetings:
  The Symposium of Materials Backcasting Technology Center
The Int. Symposium on Biomimetic Materials Processing
Information:1) Presentation of research results, 2) Publication of our annual report,
3) Informing our activities by our homepage, 4) MBT Center News by e-mail
4. Promotion of world-wide collaboration:
  In collaboration with 10 research institutes in Japan and 18 in overseas.

3. Future

By making full use of people and knowledge from material, chemistry and applied physic field, the Center leads collaboration joint researches based on wide technological field such as a basic material through monozukuri.
Especially, the forefront centerfs base include various people, knowledge, and supremacy of collaboration with industries and research institutes which are a center of auto sector and aviation sector in this region are used for promoting research and development. Also, we build up new systems of research and development, and spread out material technology related to solar energy-based society.
@By succeeding the fruits of materials research hitherto obtained in Nagoya University, we will develop new researches of materials technology on the basis of the backcasting idea and foster human resources to contribute to future society in 2050.

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